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Tell me how you'll save me time, money or hassle

Ask me if I have a problem you can help me solve

What will your services give me?

How will you give me what I want?

Answer the question you asked above.  Tell me how your fantastic service will give me what I’m looking for.  What will it give me that I don’t have? I’m looking for an immediate solution to my problem.  Remind me that it can’t wait until tomorrow.  Tell me how much better / safer / happier I’ll be if I take action right now.

What other related information is there to your services?

If your services or products have several aspects, let me know about them. How do they work and, more importantly, how will they benefit me and give me what I want? Prove that you can help by giving me details of the service you’ll deliver. How will you fix things for me? Why won't I have to worry about anything?

List specifics of your services or products:

• What does your product or service do?  List the features

• What will your product or service give me?  List the benefits

• List your professional affiliations and any guarantees

• What matters most to me?

• Give me links to related pages of your site

• Make it easy for me to read your list - keep the bullets simple

• I want to scan bullets – keep to the point

• Give me somewhere to go next

What other services or products do you think I should know about?  What would be useful for me to know now?  Give me options to click and go to another page to find out about those services or products.

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Emphasise what I’ll get and how to get it.

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