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Tell me what I can expect from you. Show me you understand my need

Ask me a question addressing my need

Answer the question by saying what you can give me

Give me more details about your services or products. Let me know how they’re going to work. What is involved in your services? Will you come to me or do I need to come to you?


What problem is it that I have if I’m reading this page? Tell me you'll do everything possible to help me.

Repeat your strongest selling point – something you do that no one else can

• What do your services offer?

• Which problems can you solve for me?

• Where will you travel to?

• What will I get from you?

• Are you accredited?

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List specifics of your services or products for me:

• Do you service major brands?

• Do you have any offers?

• Why are you better than anyone else?

• What matters most to me?

• How will I benefit from you?

Do you have any discounts you can give me? They might make me call.

What am I really looking for by coming to your site? What immediate need or question do I have, and how will you help?